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We exist to implement great ideas, to transform business as usual, and to improve people, process, data, and technology. It is our common goal to overcome adversity and allow businesses to unlock full operating potential. Whether your focus is on internal cost reduction, customer support, logistic solutions, booking keeping solutions, or business intelligence. JD Capital is able to deliver cost effective solutions for any of these areas above so YOU can focus on running YOUR business.

Jesse Dhillon
Founder and Principal

Ever since a young age, Jesse has had aspirations to become a leader. Starting with his journey of studying Finance at Michigan State, Jesse took on a finance leadership role (Chief Financial Officer) of the Associated Students of Michigan State University. In this role he managed a 1.5M student fund and developed budgeting allocations for all student government affiliated departments. In addition, during his senior year course work, Jesse was responsible for managing .2M of the 5M studio investment portfolio. Since then his career has only accelerated. Starting work at Deloitte Consulting and focusing on Engagement Financial Management. just shy of two years into this role Jesse was approached at 23 years old to onboard the nations largest corporately owned Mens Hair Salon, Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men. On-boarding as a Director of Finance, Jesse was quickly targeted to do more. Just shy of 2 years into this role he was promoted to VP of the company and is in charge of managing every facet of this 30M enterprise. Since on-boarding at Lady Jane's, the company has doubled in size (53 locations to 105 locations). Below the CEO, Jesse has helped effectively managed 2 of the largest growth periods and the largest staff the company has seen to date. His time at Lady Jane's focused on effective employee retention, organization in Accounting, IT and Business Intelligence enhancement, inventory cost reduction initiatives, internal company cost reduction, company branding and social media marketing, new office space design and collaboration. Jesse has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of what it takes to run a successful enterprise and a very young age. In addition to the several initiatives at Lady Jane's, Jesse designed and originated a Third Wave Coffee Concept known as Birmingham Roast from scratch. He is was responsible for design, concept, business plan, and operation. In his free time, Jesse enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, fitness, and golf.

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